Short Triomed introduction

//Short Triomed introduction

Short Triomed introduction



Triomed Compact – is a portable therapeutic device, you always can easily carry with you in your pocket, for treatment and prevention (prophylaxis) of various pathological conditions by the action of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency EHF or so-called millimeter wave (MMW) and infrared (IR) spectrum in certain areas of the human body.


Introduction of MMV-therapy in the complex treatment of many health problems makes it possible to speed up the processing, reduce the severity of side effects, achieving positive clinical results in drug-resistant patients. device can be used to enhance the body's health resources. MMV and infrared therapy's effects are manifested clinically in anti-inflammatory and activate their own healing processes, analgesic and anti-edematous action, improving tissue regeneration, improvement of blood circulation, anti-stress, normalization of the autonomic nervous system regulation.


Triomed_new Indications for Use


  • Health problems in the peripheral nervous system
  • Health problems in the autonomic nervous system
  • Health problems in ENT organs (Ear, Nose & Throat)
  • Health problems in the cardiovascular system
  • Health problems in the lungs and pleura
  • Health problems in the digestive tract
  • Skin and underhudsproblem
  • Health problems of the musculoskeletal system
  • Gynaecological problems
  • Pain syndromes regardless of location
  • Ledpatologi
  • Health problems of the spine
  • Wounds, burns
  • Allergic problems are accompanied by skin manifestations

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Using the appliance
apparatus is characterized by eight separate programs , beginning with the general program 0 that can provide remote treatment. Here is a brief description of each of the programs:

  • Program 0 – Harmony

General strengthening of the body. This program protects the body from the negative impact from the environment, such as electronics and stress. Reduces fatigue, improves sleep, increases stamina, increases stress resistance. Reduces electromagnetic radiation from various electronic devices (eg cell phones, computers, etc.). Recommended daily use 1-3 times / day. Hold the device 30-50 cm from the body. Can affect an entire group of people in a room of 50-70 m3.

  • Program 1 – Universal

Detoxification of the body, the immune correction, normalization of metabolism, improvement of internal organs function. Used topically to problem areas, in acute and chronic health problems.Using 10 min, 3 times / day. Can also be used for FRI-therapy (Frequency Resonance Recording) and the movement of information from the body or other objects into the water. At FRI recording stop the program and hold the crystal in 15 seconds on the object. You can record from natural products, herbs, homeopathic remedies. Liquid can be dripped directly onto the crystal. The powder must be dissolved in water. The recorded data can be moved to acupuncture points, to water or other information providers, such as oil, cream, wax, etc.

  • Program 2 – Therapist

Inflammatory processes and reduces pain. Speeds up the healing process of wounds. In emergency situations, you can use this 15 min program several times in succession. In chronic problem program can be used for several months. Add the device to problem area and leave on for 15 minutes. Then the healing state constantly changes, so also plays appliance new information every minute, which is the most optimal method of treatment with FRI therapy.

  • Program 3 – Anti Stress

At the post-traumatic stress disorders, over fatigue, irritability, psycho-emotional exhaustion, overwork, extreme irritability, psycho-emotional irritability, moodiness, sleep disturbances. The program can be used remotely or body contact. Upon contact improves microcirculation in blood capillaries, blood effect, improving circulation in the lymph. For distance therapy improves central and vegetative nervous system, as well as anti-depressant effect. At the urgent need of help, add the device to the seventh vertebra of the neck or the ear cap.

  • Program 4 – Fenix

Accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. For the treatment of wounds, scrubbing wounds, burns, broken bones and various inflammations (including leads).
place the device on the problem area and move around in circular motion. Use no more than 10 minutes, 3 times / day, no more than two weeks.

  • Program 5 – Edelweiss

Used in tissue hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and as an antioxidant. The program enhances endurance tissues of oxygen deficiency. Improves microcirculation in capillaries / small blood vessels.Improves respiratory system function. Increases cells' oxygen uptake. Provides antioxidant power – for elimination of free radicals. Proposed use in chronic diseases related to poisoning or poor micro-circulation, and respiratory disorders.

  • Program 6 – Regeneration

Used for rejuvenation of the body. Normalizes metabolism, improves blood circulation which causes the cells and their receptors enhanced and restored. Therefore, improved all internal organs functions, leading to regeneration of the body. This program optimizes the level of sex hormones. Recommended use of acupuncture points; solar plexus, seventh vertebra in the neck and elbow. Each point is treated in 12 minutes and can be used continuously for 2-3 month. The program can also be used for cosmetic purposes in the face. The equipment from the middle of the face outwards in the forehead, the nose, the corners of the mouth, chin and around the eyes.

  • Program 7 – Photos (IR, IR)

The device also has an IR beam next to the crystal. This photon therapy optimizes cellular energetic functions. Optimizes the cells' internal functions. Blood-thinning effect, normalizes microcirculation, optimizes the body's immune status, regenerates cells, optimizes the production of hormones. Used in chronic inflammatory processes, problems with the peripheral nervous system, various pains, disorders of the pancreas. Used 5 min per zone or point. May have a contraindication (not for use) in cancer, tuberculosis, and not recommended for the eyes.time for application to a range or biologically active point is 3 to 15 minutes. Total time of application should not exceed 30 minutes per day.