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Program for Health and Beauty

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Two-week rejuvenation program for face and neck.

As you get older, the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid.It has negative consequences for the skin’s normal hydration (collagen) and the skin becomes dry, pale and lose their elasticity.

Collagen is important because it gives the skin a normal tone and restores elasticity, and thus the skin can maintain a normal structure.

Why is cosmetic treatments of the skin is not as effective as we would like?It depends on the skin’s structure and physiology.The outermost layer of skin cells are dead cells.It is the living cells that are the foundation of the skin, therefore I recommend that you use a skin cream that penetrates deep into the skin instead of just anoint the dead cells in the surface layer.

The skin is dependent on the living layer of cells, its quantity and quality.Skin cell regeneration depends on the basement membrane, which is located in the deep layers of the skin – a cornerstone of its health and beauty.

We need a good blood supply to the skin to the basement membrane to function properly.The more the blood carries oxygen to the cells of the basal membrane, the higher the level of metabolic processes in the skin, more collagen – better skin cells.

With the help of the program 5 (Edelweiss) on your Triomed Compact, it can improve the microcirculation in the capillaries and small blood vessels, increasing the cells’ oxygen uptake as well as provide an antioxidant effect of elimination of free radicals.

Program 6 (Rejuvenation) normalizes metabolism and improves blood circulation, which causes the cells and their receptors enhanced and restored.

In order to rejuvenate the face and neck with your Triomed Compact I recommend you process the skin around the eyes, forehead, all the lines and front of the neck (see figure) for two weeks.

The equipment from the middle of the face and to the sides of the pan, from the nose, corners of the mouth, chin and eye area.

During the first week should Trio Meden in the following modes once per day:

  • Process problem areas (not around eyes) with programs 7 (Photos) – 5minutes.
  • The device moves continuously on the problem areas with the program 5 (Edelweiss) – 10 minutes.

The second week:

  • Process problem areas (not around eyes) with programs 7 (Photos) – 5 minutes.
  • The device moves continuously on the problem areas with programs 6 (Rejuvenation)-10minutes.


This two weeks of treatment is sufficient to activate the metabolic processes in the deep layers of the skin, in the basal membranes and to normalize the moisture in the skin.The effect of this therapy maintains itself in 3-4 months.I recommend that you repeat the treatment 3-4

times per year.The unit Triomed Compact works independently, but in combination with cosmetic treatments enhances their effect.

The device is painless and without side effects.