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What is MMV Therapy?Millimeter waves is the language our cells use for communication among themselves.The cell is alive and vibrates at a certain frequency.These vibrations create waves.

It has been shown that the whole world is steeped in super small vibrations, and this makes it possible to understand the existence and future development of the body.According to quantum mechanical model, each object a dual nature – a material and an electromagnetic – where everything vibrates and every cell is part of the context.Millimeter waves (= radio waves) have frequencies between 42.3 and 100 GHz, gigahertz.It is with these waves of our cells membrane vibrates and transmits information to each other.

At the imbalance of these waves begin to health problems arise.Millimetervågsapparaten generates waves of about the same strength as the body 10-10 mW/cm2, which is a billion times smaller than the radiation from mobile phones.

Millimetervågsterapi is a revolutionary new method of healthcare.It has been developed by prominent Russian scientists headed by Academician ND Devjatkov and Professor SP Sitko.Millimeter waves have the same frequencies as the waves that cells communicate with in our body.

Imbalances in these waves is the root cause of health problems.With the powerful apparatus Triomed which produces millimeter waves, one will be in contact with the body’s frequencies and can correct the imbalances that are harmful to health.Thanks to the resonance formed in the meeting with the body’s frequencies gives the very low radiation very strong effect.

Millimetervågsterapin cures no symptoms, but instead enhances the body’s own healing power.The body’s self-healing ability is restored by strengthening cell membranes, which are the cells’ interfaces with the rest of the body.The method has undergone many years of clinical testing and large efficiency is demonstrated.Tests conducted in Russia shows that, quote, “regardless of the nature of the disease so normalizes millimeter waves immune system parameters, improves microcirculation, balance the body’s metabolism, slows the aging process, extending longevity, lowers the risk of oncological diseases, raises the efficacy and reduce their side effects and toxic effects; shorten treatment times and improved health status for patients with heart attacks and strokes, speeds the healing of bone fractures up to 3 times as well as giving a clear analgesic effect. “

Since it uses the same frequency and strength that the body’s cells, the treatment gives no side effects.How fast you notice results depend on the nature and the condition of the patient is.

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Millimetervågsterapi is a proven scientific method that has existed in Russia for over 40 years and which is used in health care.Millimeter waves are natural waves that are everywhere in nature.Plants, animals and the body’s cells communicate with all these waves.The cell membrane vibrates with milllimetervågsfrekvenser affecting the membrane tension, whose condition affects the whole cell function.

The noticeable improvements millimetervågsterapi give, is done by the super weak millimetervågsfrekvenserna via resonance restores the membrane vibration.There are hundreds of scientific studies on millimetervågsterapi.Below is a brief summary.

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