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of vaccinations and treatment
of infectious diseases with use of the device on the basis of structure with controlled energy material (CEM)


Prof. A.Kozhemyakin, Prof. F.Chernikov and Prof. Yury Tkachenko Chief of the project is Prof. A.Kozhemjakin
The mechanisms of vaccination, Consisting in creation of maximum specific cellular and humoral immunity against viruses and bacteria, are well investigated since Times of L.Paster.In simplified form it could be presented as struggle of specific antibodies and cells of organism immune against alien anti genesis.This method has a number of serious lacks, the main Of which Relates to poorly predicted immunity changes with possible allergization, long period of immunity formation, impossibility for steady immunity formation at the mutation of viruses and bacteria.

Modern idea about mechanisms of interaction between material objects is related to the dual state of the substance.
First, there is chemical interaction under the condition of contact between objects; second, there is influence of one object on another, with the help of electromagnetic radiation, and in this case influence can Occur on distance without direct contact of the objects.

The second type of interaction in conditions of low-intensity radiation is possible EXCLUSIVELY in the case of the coincidence of the object’s own frequencies.

Different mechanism for the creation of specific immunity ice Offered – the material with properties of changed energy structure (???), electro-magnetic spectrum of Which is Identical to electromagnetic spectrum of a virus or bacterium, performs the role of antibody.When The material with the changed energy structure (???), Which has electromagnetic radiation spectrum, similar to the alien infectious agent, ice Administered into the organism, effect of vaccination or effect of therapy (through the period of temporary disease exacerbation) is Achieved.This method makes it possible very quickly to Achieve specified immunity from solid mutating viruses and bacteria, it does not create effect of nonspecific allergization; the material, Administered into the organism is not toxic.Thus, there is a real mechanism for high-grade new stage of struggle against infectious diseases.The most acute opportunities of the new method are Effective fight against the mutating viruses and bacteria (SARS, AIDS, etc.) and struggle with especially dangerous infections, including way of struggle against bioterrorism.Development of Principally new method of vaccination of living organism from infectious diseases, and overpriced development of Principally new technology of therapy for infectious diseases with the maximum antimicrobic and antiviral effects and the minimal influence on the environmental cell are suggested in the given project.In the given project it is suggested to use special semi-conductor structures with controlled energy material (CEM), as vaccine or treatment.

The resonant frequencies Appropriate for DNA, cell membranes, etc., and its components are found in mm – IR range.
Violation of vital functions of cells of the organism leads to change of its energy structure in the given range.Each cell of the organism Occupies only appropriated level into its own energy structure.Accordingly, in the energy spectrum of the organism each organ Occupies only its characteristic area, Consisting from the levels, Appropriate for separate cell.

Energy areas of separate human bodies are divided village sites of the spectrum, where radiation is absent.Therefore, with the purpose of prophylaxis of infectious disease it is suggested That the preparation of “energy analogue” of pathogenic “guest” microorganism with use of the device on the basis of structure with controlled energy material (by method of recording of radiation of ” guest “-micro organism on the material carrier), with its Subsequent incorporation into structure of the protected” host “organism.As Numerous Carried out experiments Showed, similar procedure leads to blockade of energy spectrum, characteristic for pathogenic “guest” micro organism, and, as a result, to “replacement” of “guest” microorganism or another

“Spectrum guest” structure from “alreadycreated occupied” energy level, ie to effect of vaccination of the “host” organism

With the purpose of treatment of infectious disease it is suggested preparing of similar material and its inclusion into the long contact with the pacient’s “host” organism.With the purpose of treatment of infectious disease it is suggested preparing of similar material and its inclusion into the long contact with the pacient’s “host” organism.

In this case development of disease passes classical phases of natural recovery: short-term acute period with synchronization of pathogenic spectral components (it incidental charges apply profile pharmacological preparations, Which will operate more Effectively in this case), then the suppression of vital activity of the “guest” micro organism related with deppression of Their energy activity at all spectral levels, characteristic to them, and with replacement by radiation of the prepared device.
Duration of treatment depends on the degree of disease development and features of duplication cycle of pathogenic “guest” microorganism.

The control device is created on the basis of molecular fluctuation light-scattering method for quality control of received recordings on devices, optimization of recording technology and stability of work of the recording device.Action of this device is based on the recording-reproduction of spectrum of radiation of “guest” microorganism.

The first year of the project realization Provides performance of the Following stages of work:

  • Optimization of structure of devices with controlled energy material.The Following things are provided: the choice of the optimum carrier material in the view of the recording quality of electromagnetic (EM) radiation of pathogenic “guest” microorganism, technology of the preparation and Expenses for manufacturing and application of the device.
  • Further development of quality monitoring of availability and quality of radiation recording on the material carrier is planned.
  • Further improvement of technology of recording on the material carrier is planned.
  • Selection of components for the formation of “recipe” of recording is planned.
  • Perfomance of wide researches in vitro and on animals is planned.

Received results will serve as a basis for development and application of similar devices for prophilaxys and treatment of infectious diseases and Should resulted in formation of new pathobiological directions, including medical and veterinary areas.In the future creation of anticancer vaccines with use of the given technology is overpriced theoretically possible.

The devices, developed in the project, Should be Characterized by simplicity of design, so thatthere was an opportunity for the organization of mass and inexpensive manufacture at profile microelectronics enterprises.

Expected project results of the first year:

  • The device and technologies of EM radiation recording of pathogenic cells of “guest” microorganisms on different material carriers.
  • Upgrade of the device for evaluation of quality of the recording.The further development of an optical and electronic device circuit is provided; development of procedure of measurement and rating results of measurement algorithms (with development of the software); development of quality rating scales recording.
  • “Compounding” of preparations for the formation of the electromagnetic recipe for vaccination and treatment.
  • Methods of application of the device with recording biologically active “recipe”.
  • Tests on animals, clinical tests.

The description of the recording device>

The material carrier has two steady states, and the first corresponds to its cold state, and the second is Achieved, When The carrier is given voltage, Sufficient for surmounting the energy barrier.The time sequence of the transition of the carrier into excited state (t1) and return to the initial state after contact with the “guest” microorganism is given below with the purpose of recording its radiation with Subsequent reproduction.

We used our measuring technique for research of homeopathic preparations.These researches Showed That the applied technique of measurements made it possible to DETERMINE homeopathic preparations in degrees of dilution up to 10-6000 M.

The Opportunity of information transfer of activity of homeopathic preparations was overpriced Achieved.We used overpriced this measuring technique for estimation of quality of water activation by different methods.Below you can see the diagrams, Which characterize the dynamic condition of water after electrochemical activation.Distinction of the water, received one anode and one cathode and at different current value, is shown.

The controlled energy materials, received at the transfer of EM activity (for example, from “guest” microorganism onto material), are as moonrise controlled with the above fluctiation light-scattering technique as at work with homeopathic preparations.Dynamics of morphological changes in the liver at different variants of opisthorchosis therapy

The purpose of research:

To Establish character and dynamics of morphological changes in the liver at different variants of therapy for opisthorchosis.

Research problems:

  • To estimate the character of histological changes in the liver of hamsters at opisthorchosis before treatment and after treatment.
  • To make comparative morphological analysis of necrotic changes in the liver between researched groups.
  • To study character and dynamics of inflammatory infiltration of portal tracts in the given groups.
  • To estimate character and dynamics of fibrosis in the liver into researched groups.
  • To estimate dynamics of histologic changes as a whole in the liver of hamsters at different variants of opisthorchosis therapy.

Materials and methods:

The complex comparative morphological analysis of the liver was Conducted In the following groups.The control group consisted of 20 fragments of the liver.

is the tissue of liver after treatment with aekarsol (specific drug).

is the tissue of the liver after treatment with electromagnetic analogue of opisthorchisis.

tissue of the liver after treatment with electromagnetic (EM) analogue of aekarsol.

Fragments of the liver after sampling were time immediately fixed in 12% neutral formalin.The preparations were made ​​in accordance with a standard technique, They were covered with paraffin.Cuts 5-6 microns thick were painted with eosin-hematoxylin, picrofuchsin by Van Gizon.


Necrosis-inflammatory changes and character of fibrosis were Estimated.Necrosis and inflammatory infiltration were Referred to necrosis-inflammatory.The Following variants of necrosis were taken into account: piecemeal necrosis, bridging necrosis and intra-lobular n ecrosis.

Qualitative (eosinophiles, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, fibroblasts) and quantitative calculation of cellular infiltration of portal tracts, and overpriced density of infiltration into 1 mm2 were made.The Following variants of fibrosis were marked out and taken intoaccount: portal, septal, (porto-portal, postage-central).Using function “lasso” in PhotoShop, They calculated the area of ​​portal tracts, number of cells in the infiltration per unit area with Subsequent calculation of specified weight of each cellular shape.For unification of research within the limits of each micropreparation the estimation was Carried out in ten fields of each third vision field.

Four groups of liver fragments, including control one, “blind” research was performed.The morphological assessment was on the device, Which included light microscope “Zeiss Jena”, digital camera Epson 200 with the use of software PhotoShop 6.0.The image of vision field was Introduced into computer with the help of the video camera.The final linear and optical Increase after transfer of via videocamera was ?800, 1600.

Results and discussion

On Comparing assessment results of necrotic changes in the liver, the Following characteristics were revealed.The therapy with the use of aekarsol (specific drug), EM analogue of aekarsol and EM analogue of opisthorchisis was Accompanied by positive dynamics.

So, if in the control group, the number of piecemeal, bridging and intra-lobular necroses in 10 vision fields was Accordingly – 16, 6, 10, at the sametime, in the group, treated with aekarsol1 it was 4, 2, 6 (?? 0.05 k), and in the group with use of EM analogue of aekarsol2 – 9, 3, 6 (?? 0.05 k), in the group with application of EM analogue of opisthorchisis 3-9, 3, 5 (?? 0.05 k)
On Comparing parameters of cellular infiltration of portal tracts Among different groups, THE FOLLOWING differences were overpriced revealed.

In control preparations the number of cells per 1 ??2 amounted to 14,500 ± 1800, Whereas in groups 1, 2, and 3 the number of cells was 6140 ± 810, 8200 ± 980, 8570 ± 1050 per unit area Accordingly, Which was Statistically different .

At comparative assessment of percentage of each cellular form of inflammatory infiltration THE FOLLOWING characteristics were revealed.If in the control group specified weight of eosinophilic leucocytes amounted to 48 ± 6
Thus in the control group the content of lymphocytes was 20% ± 3, Whereas in group 1 it was 34% ± 4, in group 2 – 40% ± 5 , and in group 3 to 42% ± 6.Distinctions with control group are reliable.


In comparison with the control group, multiple reduction of neutrophil specific weight in all groups was observed after treatment, upon authentic Sharp Increase of number of monocytes.

Comparative assessment of fibrosis character Revealed That in groups 1-3 in comparison with the control group sclerosis evidence was authentically sick.

Thus, if in the control group the number of porto-portal and porto-central septa in 10 vision fields was 6 to 8,

Reliability of distinctions is confirmed Statistically (?? 0.05) During the Carried out research we revealed That therapy for opisthorchosis with use of EM analogue of opisthorchisis and aekarsol ice Accompanied by authentic positive dynamics of morphological picture, Which is shown by reduction of inflammatory infiltration density, obvious Decrease of necrotic changes and extremely weak fibrosis evidence (in comparison with control group).Application of EM analogues does not cause frequently observed sclero-generational effect, Which is very valuable quality of the preparations.Thus, both aekarsol therapy and therapy with use of EM analogue of aekarsol and opisthorchisis, are Accompanied by positive morphological dynamics, significant reduction of not only necrotic and inflammatory changes, but overpriced of sclerous ones.


The probability for vaccinating living organism from tuberculosis by electron analogue (CEM Technology) of vaccinale culture Micobacterium bovis (BCG) was checked experimentally with 3 groups of mice.

First group of 20 mice of the inbreed line C57BL / 6 was vaccinated by subcutaneous introduction 2 10 5 alive culture of avirulent vaccinale culture Micobacterium bovis (BCG).Capsules-carriers with preliminary recorded signals from BCG culture, were placed on each mouse in the second group of 20 mice.Third group of 20 mice was control group.In 5 weeks first and second groups of mice, and overpriced third control group were infected with intravenous introduction virulent M. tuberculosis (MBT) culture H37Rv in a doze of 5:10 a.m. 6.Before infection, the mice of the first and second groups were put to the tuberculine tests: tuberculine was injected into small pillows of the left obstacle legs and in 24 hours the difference of thickness left and right (control) small pillows was Estimated.It was revealed That BCG vaccinated mice had the value of hypersensitivity of slowed down type (HST) equal to 0:17 ± 0:04 mm, and in the second group it was 0:15 ± 0:08 mm.Both values ​​are significant and do not differentiating authentically from eachother Which testifies That the prepared electron carrier is capable “to make” the mice immunity similar to BCG.

Organs of infected mice in the first and the second groups (10 mice from each group) were taken for histologic researches in 1 month and 3 months after infection.Within 3 months all the mice of the first two groups remained alive (10 mice in each group), and in the control group During the first month 12 mice were lost, in 3 months – others died, Which testifies That effect of vaccination was Achieved in the first two groups.Histologic researches have shown the Following: In the control group the process of disease was Characterized by generalization with damage of lungs, liver and spleen.In the lungs the overall specification pneumonia was found out as large, merging Among themeselves, infiltration with Numerous, breaking apart, neutrophiles, macrophages, lymphocytes, epithelioid cells, plethora vessels and hypostases.Air pulmonary tissue remained between injured sites, made of 10-15% from the total volume of the lung.The mice of the first group, infected with MBT, whichwere BCG vaccinated 5 weeks prior to the infection, in 1 month after infection immune tissue Reorganization was detected only as the proliferation of lymphoid and reticular cells in the spleen.

Small proliferation of endotheliacytes was overpriced found out in the liver.Plethoric capillary network and small diffusive lymphoid and macrophage infiltration of intersticium was found out in the lungs.Mice of the same group in 3 months after infection had immunocyte proliferation alreadycreated sharply Expressed, the spleen Increased in 10 and more times.In comparison with the normal one.Follicles were large, Numerous; T-lymphocyte proliferation appeared, endotheliacytes grew in number, Compared to the previous supervision.Lymphoid focal congestions appeared in the lungs.Air pulmonary tissue, in relation to the Affected tissue, drew 80% of the total volume.

The mice infected with MBT, Which 5 weeks prior to the infection and During all the experience were receiving influence of the capsule-carrier with recorded BCG spectrum, had changes in body similar to the mice, vaccinated by the injection.

The tuberculine tests analysis and study of morphological material have shown, That the mice of the first and the second groups had Identical organism reaction to MBT infection.It was completely different from obzerved body changes of non-vaccinated animals.Moreover, the mice of the first and the second groups had vivid differences neither on the degree of immune Reorganization, nor on the morphological picture in the internal organs.That means it both vaccination methods are Identical In Their protective action.