Hi Boris, Time passes and positive changes occur in my life.Keep in mind that I am completely free of the uninvited serious health problem. It happened thanks were your methods millimetervågsterapi, respiratory, and other health practices and medical help. 

As a bonus during the healing method “Breathe you healthy, SMART Breathe” I got rid of the eternal HOSTAN, as I dragged over all God’s year. Breathe least 45 min / day and is down for 5-6 breaths / min.

All good

Boris Thanks for your support! Thank You shared with you by your never ending knowledge of HEALTH!

Live in time – Live good!

Maj-Lis Lindfors Rehnquist

I’m still free from pain in my shoulders and neck, makes anaerobics 5-10 minutes every morning and breathe in my pacifier 20 min 2 times / day.Have just had a cold a gg of 1.5 years! I used to be sick every other month, so incredibly nice. No asthma medications late febr. 2012 I feel asthma, I only use “dummy” and then release det. So now I can continue as a hairdresser though doctors ruled me out! Thanks Boris, I now spreading this on.


Ann Sandberg

Hello!My name is Gerhard Jonasson and I live in Bygdeå Västerbotten. Born in 1942.I have in my entire adult life working with Agriculture and Forestry. A profession that I enjoyed working with and entered with enthusiasm. 

In 1976 I became ill in my lungs and the doctors said that I was suffering from Agriculture Lunga because mold in my work environment. I was in hospital for 2 months and treated with cortisone preparations. When I came home, went on my work in agriculture, but had trouble still. It felt like I never got enough air.

After countless visits of various pulmonary specialists was the message from health care: – You have to accept that you are not 20 years old anymore. We can not help you more. Cool down and take it easy! (Hard to like the situation when you are full of energy and zest for life) Retired from milk production and sold the farm for 3 years ago.

My symptoms have been since 1976: Shortness of breath with minimal exertion, Difficulty staying in rooms with many people, trouble sleeping, when the air feels like it has run out, Hard to sing and general fatigue. Shortness of breath with walking.
Nevertheless, I kept going, and in recent years worked with forestry on their own forests as far as strength. Like the outdoors, because breathing is better then.

In conjunction with my 70th birthday, I received as a gift a “SMART BREATHE” and started using it. Unexpectedly, after just 2 weeks, I felt, to my surprise I got more air in your lungs! Nowadays I breathe with it several times. / Day with a particularly good performance. As I breathed in the 4 weeks I can go fast walking. Yes run! I’m less tired and can even sing songs with many verses without “breath”. I am absolutely convinced that this little “baby” has made me stronger and given me the strength back.

I will continue to use it as long as I live and it feels like a miracle indeed!

THANK YOU my dear friends for the little pacifier SMARTBREATHE!
– You have improved my life!

Gerhard Jonasson

The first interesting thing that happened was that I started training about 15 min x2 per day. After 3 days I had an appointment with my massage therapist since I was unusually tense neck and shoulders.

When I came to the masseur, I did not hurt anymore. My masseuse could not understand where all my tension in the lower back has gone (has had problems for a long time, so she knows my back). When told that I started to practice deep breathing and we both agreed that it was breathing that helped me.

That said, I’ve only used my Smart Bretahe a shorter time. but I will gladly return with more positive changes, because I am absolutely convinced that they will occur.

This is a great invention! I already knew that breathing is important, but with the device, it is easy to breathe better. When you only follow a CD or try yoga breathing, it takes a long time to understand and do right. With Smart Breathe it feels as if we are making progress now!

Kind Regards


My mother was born in 1932. The last 15 years she has had high blood pressure and eat blood pressure medicine for this. In spring 2011, my mom worse. She was dizzy and blood pressure was really high. She was hospitalized for 5 days, where they did an analysis and rose up her medication temporarily. Then she would on re-checking some months later, to check up on how the situation was.

During this time I had been in contact with Boris and his andningsnapp.Jag talked with my mom about the pacifier, and she jumped at it. She was breathing regularly in this 1-2 times per day, until she would on after the check. When she came to after the check, they took her blood pressure three times, then hid on attapparaten must be broken, because she had a normal blood pressure. The doctor did not understand. My mom told me that she breathed in a breath pacifier. The doctor did not increase the dose on blood pressure medicine, but felt that she could go back to the normal dose.

Mom still breathing in the nipple, and the question is if she does not soon can reduce the dose to finally remove it completely.

Greetings Gunilla Allard

I have purchased a SMART breathe and use it now more and more – so even right now as I write to you. It facilitates and provides a more efficient breathing. I’ve known that after training with it – even without it – breathe deeper and better. It gives effect! I feel more alert and have since long-standing problems with sleep – now finally started to sleep well!

My husband, whom I met about 4 years ago, has suffered from sömnappné and heavy snoring which disturbed his night’s sleep – and also my course. He has daily been using the so-called “dummy” for several months and got rid of these problems. Now sleep, both he and I better!

Inger Forsman

My experience of breathing apparatus goes back two years and two months.
When I was younger I competed successfully at a high level for many years, and I trained myself also a large number of pupils who achieved success at national, European and world level.

I am 45 years old and continues to train both myself and others in the gym. When I began to breathe, I noticed that I had more energy in training. I also felt stronger. It allowed me to lift heavier weights, and after 3-4 months started my results go up. My decision to compete in the SM-10 was entirely due to breathing and proved to be very successful: I won and put two Swedish record in the master class! I tested the breathing between the three competition rounds, and I noticed that I could recover myself very quickly and each time was full of energy with good emotional state. It was fantastikt!

Now I tell all my friends and relatives about this method. You will not only be stronger, faster, but you will also be younger. The diagnostic unit “Alfa” is now showing for me for 30 years, and I know that it’s true. I want to say thank you so much for Boris and everyone in the company “X” as improved ‘this effective breathing method. & Special thanks from my whole family, 5 persons, who breathe now since more than a year. Everyone has their own improvements in health status and now also their friends started to breathe.

Thank you!
Viktoriia Larsson

Talked with my cousin, who bought Smart Breathe breathing apparatus. She is currently ill in hospital. Troublesome stones in the kidneys and of this some nasty bacteria that they have not yet found. She brings her breathing apparatus. They measure apparently oxygenation on her regularly. She has 95 g of oxygen addition. It surprises them. Is not consistent with the clinical picture. She says she uses the device. They do not ask what it is, but says she will continue to do so! Sure it’s exciting.

Inger Johansson

“Improvements using breathing apparatus: After many years had a problem with primarily sleep but also leg cramps, pain in the joints and lower back, I came through the MR in contact with the breathing apparatus Frolov 2004. (Breathing by water resistance). Work Trained as 25% after being on indefinite sick for almost a year and the company doctor would rather prematurely retire. It did not. The tests would be done before I started breathing exercise showed that I was breathing too often = 12 breaths / min, and that diafragmaandningen was almost obefintlig. Could not breathe so very long time with the device at the beginning without getting nauseous and get yrsel. So eventually could I increase both the resistance and time. Was doing the exercises for two years. By then, the breathing had become much more effective and the number of breaths / min dropped to 5.

Sleep Symptoms were significantly improved as have the rest of the problems. Now working 75%! In May 2007, do I get a millimetervågsapparat, that I work with in parallel with breathing exercises. In March 2009, I buy the new breathing apparatus that is significantly easier to use. My breathing is now so good that I just practice in periods to remind the body. In June of the same year I also buy ALFA program that can scan the body’s energies. Now not only do I, but can also follow the positive trend on the computer screen. In the beginning I was quite low oscillated between 25-65% of total health. Now, almost two years later, I lie usually between 75-95%. Giant Beautiful! Imagine being like 47years although the birth certificate says 65. Although the need to tackle the problems of ill health from several quarters, I am absolutely convinced that the correct breathing technique is the foundation of good health. “

Yvonne Ribers.

“I have used the breathing mouthpiece for almost one year continuously, and for me it gives me a more mental clarity and better concentration in the first place. Then there is just the experience of a more awareness of breathing during the days, I notice at the conscious level when breathing is through the nose or not really down in the stomach.

The nozzles that I sold to my clients, I get answers to … “it seems to work fine, I feel more energetic.”

Jesper Lundin, Bioenergy Therapist.

“As a therapist, I myself have used it almost daily since 6 month. I have better stamina: blew Peff meter and when I started it was 330 ml, after 1 month was breathing capacity 450 ml. It is very good exercise for asthma clients.
, I have had very much to do and become stressed out by all the requirements, but when I breathe in 1 hr has the headache given in and it’s easier to sort all that waiting. The memory and focus have improved.

I have helped a woman who had 0 on several parameters at ALFA control and a stress level of 2000, she has worked with the pacifier and ionized water and has come down to somewhat normal levels at 1 month.

I will certainly continue to spread the message of the teat, it is the future. “

Ingrid Jorm.

“As asthmatics, I have used the pacifier on average every other day for about 15 minutes and after a week of use up a lot of phlegm.It has quite clearly happened. “

Kerstin C.

“I am 60 years woman with health problems.Thanks to the unique teat, which makes the least wonders, my dry skin in a short time quickly become moisturized. “

Bozena Gustavsson

“What is effective breathing?

The idea of ​​breathing exercises at Human Resources in Stockholm is to train ourselves to breathe less and get the body used to get by with less oxygen, and increasing levels of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the body’s self-produced antioxidants that neutralize a harmful excess of oxidants – free radicals that break down cells … When you grow old sinks of carbon dioxide in the blood.From a level of 6.5 percent at age 20 decreases the level to 6 percent at 30. At 50 is perhaps 4.5 percent, and it is not enough to maintain healthy cells …

By training up our ability to get by on less oxygen, we get the cells to utilize oxygen better and better and strengthens Thus while our health.But how, then? I tested for a few months a simple breathing apparatus that I had in the car. Every day for three months I breathed in 30 – 60 minutes through this small nozzle.Brief inhalation and long exhalation with resistance, while jagkörde and enjoyed life! “With this simple method increased my general health index 90-98%.The hormonal regulation improved 81-94%.My ability to handle stress increased from 88 to 98%.

My stress index had fallen from 35.5 to 28.9.It shows the level of effort in the body’s nervous system to deliver oxygen to the cells and maintain balance (homeostasis). From the beginning, I was lying here on 52.7 … My body strength had also increased from 66 to 99 percent – which feels very good. The dot over the ‘i’ is the biological age weighing all parameters during the measurement. The biological age is my inner resources at the cellular and organ level … My “battery” had 67 percent charge in the first measurement and 90 percent in the latest poll.The biological age was thereby reduced from 45 to 37 Years – ie my cell function represented a healthy 37-year-old (I am 55 years old)!

An investment in my health gave a delighted response from the body! “

Per Högberg

“The blood pressure of a male client was: overpressure 160 – 170 / Under Pressure 95-100 Blood pressure began to stabilize after approx. two weeks of use of the breathing apparatus approx.1-2 times / day 15-20 min. Now, the blood pressure 135/78 and this is really in itself so nicely. Now he breathes with the unit about every other day 15-20 minutes or as needed.All parameters on the alpha survey improved during these two weeks and this has continued.Absolutely fantastic.

It has been the basis for his high blood pressure was high everyday stress.He has also lost weight and put on diet after he started with this breathing.

High pulse on female client: the pulse was always between 80 – 110. Then she began to use this breathing with breathing apparatus so much about.3 weeks, she felt calmer slept better, less sweating, the whole general condition improved.

Alfa surveys have been continuously and now is the pulse of approx.70-80/min. All parameters were improved. She told me that she thinks she had a rädsle pattern of getting sick that made her heart rate was so high. She also told me that her fear of becoming ill is insignificant now. I have done lots of Alfa surveys on clients and have seen that blood pressure, pulse, and that all parameters in an Alfa survey improved by proper breathing with or without it. I have also seen that all parameters on a Globus-measurement is improved very much.

It is important for us to really bring this directly to healthy and “sick” people and to convey it as a long term / lifelong health.”

Gun Jönsson

“I bought a pacifier that my mother used. She has severe COPD.She says she used the periods of 10 minutes on average 2 times / day for about 6 mon. She uses oxygen but have not had to use it as often as before. “

Laila Jakobsson

I am 82 years and have about 2 years regular breathing apparatus. In the morning, I use “dummy” for 20 minutes, and hours 30 minutes.

I am energetic, have not been sick in those two years, and working a few hours a week with office work. This I owe to breathing

Kajsa Larsson

“As a therapist, I can tell you about the incredible results that SCBA have done. I have several clients who have begun to breathe with the pacifier and that has meant that they have a better health status. I have tested them first with The Alfa, since then they have been training with breathing with the breathing apparatus and then we tested them again, and of course they had to work on with your breathing at home, and they have thus improved their health incredible.

Personally I use the breathing apparatus 30 min.every day and I feel calm concentrated and focused ..I would not be without it! “

Magaretha Carlsson