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There are many who know that proper breathing is very important for health.But there are not many people are aware that just breathing is one of the effective ways to achieve better health, increase athletic performance, stabilize the mind and manage stress.That’s what the “Smart Breathe” will help you with.            

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Effective breathing – a way to rebuild the health

More oxygen into the cell – more energy to health

It is known that the oxygen we breathe saturates the bloodstream, but often there is too little oxygen into the cells.Almost all diseases with oxygen deficiency in the cells to do.That is why it is so important to oxygenate the cells.

How to quit smoking easy with breathing device Smart Breathe

Why do cells starved of oxygen?

That’s because the red blood cells transfer oxygen to the cells only if there is enough carbon dioxide in the blood.This is a problem for modern people.24 scientific studies show that most people in our culture breathe wrong, among others.alia by hyperventilating, and that means that the carbon dioxide is blown out too much.This in turn leads to poor absorption of oxygen and thus health problems.

Why has your breathing changed in humans?Some reasons are that we live under stress, eat too much, have toxins in food, environmental problems and other life stresses.

“Smart Breathe” resets in a simple and practical way of carbon dioxide in the blood by breathing resistance and long exhalations.In this way, start the healing process, the body’s resistance increases and protects us against disease.

Breathe less – live longer

Throughout life, the body consumes energy in different processes – digestion, physical work, stress, management of poor ecology, toxins … But most energy is spent breathing.An average person takes about 21,600 breaths a day, all of this takes energy.When we breathe with breathing apparatus between 30 and 60 minutes a day we learn the respiratory center in the brain that breathing less than 15 breaths per minute.After a few months of breathing exercises with the device usually reduce the number of breaths to 6-8 per minute.That means we are saving energy and increasing life.

Increases the body’s resistance

Body resistance is dependent on how the immune system functions.But the immune system is also composed of cells, and thanks to our breathing with the “Smart Breathe” increases oxygen uptake by all cells in the body, including the immune system.The immune system thus becomes stronger, and therefore increases resistance and protects us from viruses, microbes, parasites, etc..

A simple and mobile way to restore health

The breathing apparatus, you can carry around and use at any time and in any context: while you clean when you wash, while working at the computer, when you are watching TV, etc..You do not need to set aside special time to practice – you can always work out!

Like brushing your teeth

Every day we brush your teeth to keep them healthy.In the same way we can keep the body healthy if we use the breathing apparatus regularly to give the cells more oxygen.
The state of the body’s regulatory mechanisms governing our health.This includes the nervous system, whose state is crucial to how we feel.We can deal with various bodies such asintestines, liver, kidneys with different therapies.
However, if the nervous system is out of balance may therapies small or bad effect, because the nervous system controls these agencies.The nervous system also consists of cells which are also need oxygen.
Our method Effective breathing strengthens the nervous system and thereby health in general.Our device for check-ups, Alfa, shows clear differences in the results of various health parameters before and after breathing exercises.The image below shows how a person’s adaptation ability – one of the most important parameters – as well as biological age has improved after four months of training with breathing apparatus.The Alfa also measures the energy level in the cells and imbalances in the nervous system.