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Program Alfa Energy

At last it is possible to control the body’s energy parameters by reading the pulse. You can do it with the help of the known apparatus Alfa which allows controlling the body’s physiological parameters.
It has become possible to measure the energies thanks to the Russian scientists who by using information technologies and mathematical analysis could find correlations between physiological and energetic parameters. Due to the readings of the pulse, the human aura, energetic centers – chakras and energetic meridians can be clearly seen.
There are a lot of people who are familiar with the concept of “Chakra” – energetic center, according to the ancient Indian medical art.
But there are few who know that the chakras are ganglia connected to the body’s regulatory systems. If these systems do not work properly it can cause problems with the internal organs linked to the corresponding chakra.



Aura is nothing but the body’s ability to maintain balance and harmony on all physiological parameters, in other words – the body’s adaptations ability. Modern information technologies made possible to find correlations between the functions of the nervous system, hormonal system and energetic meridians. The program shows the meridians reduces its functionality and then you can control how different treatments can improve the energy flow in these meridians. The program is unique iom that it can monitor the body’s energy state and thus generate specific musical frequencies that corrects the body’s energy parameters.The “Alfa Energy”– one of the best tool to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments, supplements, mental and bioenergetic techniques.

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Aura and chakras