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Health depends primarily on our adaptation ability to changes in the internal and external environment. The human body is exposed to various kinds of stress: .physical, mental and emotional. If a person is prepared and can adapt to a certain kind of stress, it means that she/he is trained and the body is strong and healthy. If the stress is too big, then the body’s regulatory system becomes strained, exhausted and weak. Resource Control The body’s reaction to stress depends on the individual’s energetic and functional resources. The energetic resources are nutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates and oxygen. The functional resource is the body’s ability to work flexible and restructuring in response to stress. For example, the muscles need extra oxygen and nutrients during jogging when the cardiovascular system begins to work with higher speed. With bigger stress the heart is forced to work increasingly more intense, that leads to overwork. We need to have control over these resources in our body, not to let our heart be overloaded. Pulse – the best indicator of health All the life processes in the human body are reflected by the pulse which is synchronized with the heartbeat. Even a little stress of the body leads to alterations of these rhythms. By reading the dynamics of cardiac rhythms can your body’s health be objectively evaluated and a forecast of its changes  made. Work rhythm of “heart pendant” is individual for each person, like fingerprints.