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Being able to control the body’s own health resources is important for those who are really determined to take care of their health and prevent diseases. Our health resources are directly linked with the body’s regulatory system – the brain, nervous system and hormonal system. Due to modern advanced technology, we can easily measure the activity of the body’s various regulatory schemes. The technology is based on the so called HRV: Heart Rate Variability: Variable heart rate or changing heart rhythm.HRV is well known to physiologists throughout the world. Men the knowledge behind the method is far from new.
In the Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine, the health has been traditionally measured through the pulse. The pulse is described to reflect the heartbeat, but not only that. As all body rhythms are synchronized, all of them are affected by a pulse rhythm change. Nowadays a computer technology via hyper-sensitive chip allows reading the pulse, which detects not only stroke but also harmonics that describe various parallel rhythms in the body. By reading cardiac rhythm  the device can  evaluate how the different parts of the regulatory mechanisms work .The measurement results show clearly the body`s condition and possibilities to use its own resources to improve it.
By using Alfa we can also measure the effectiveness of a therapy and check if the treatment and dosage is correct. For example, after ten minutes breathing exercises we can see big changes of all health parameters. The improvement after such short time exercises is temporary, of course, but the measured results nonetheless motivate and inspire the person to go on with these breathing exercises.
The body’s ability to maintain its balance and adapt to various changes is called adaptation or health. You can affect your body by simple means.  Exercises of various kinds in a proper dose can help the body to become stronger and more adaptable. The more you work with your health, the more powerful and long-lasting results you get.o    The body’s adaptation ability and its biological age are measured by fractal analysis.


o    The vegetative regulation, measured by variation analysis of cardiac rhythms, can be checked.
o    Measurement of hormone regulation can be carried out by neuro-dynamic analysis.
o    Valuation of the psycho emotional state by using brain biorhythms can be seen.
o    You can get the complex health index which shows the patient`s functional resource status at the time of measurement and the coming week.

“ALFA” makes it possible to implement quickly the diagnosis of the organism condition due to neuro-dynamic analysis of the heart rate variability.  Due to several years of research it has been concluded that all processes in the human organism are reflected in the changes of the heart rhythms.
By reading the dynamics of the heart rhythms, your body’s health condition can be objectively evaluated and a forecast of its changes can be carried out. Work rhythm of “heart pendant” is unique to each person, just like finger prints.
Under developing of the device software a new method of the biological rhythms analysis has been used. For the first time the method was applied in the apparatus  “Dinamika-100″ and its modifications “Omega M” and “Omega-C”, which since 1997 have been used in Russia, Europe, USA, South Korea and other countries in various fields of clinical, practical, and sports medicine.
“ALFA” makes it possible to implement the diagnosis of the organism condition very quickly due to neuro-dynamic analysis of the heart rate variability.  Several years of research have showed that all processes in the human organism are reflected in changes of the heart rhythms.
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