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We always tailormake a treatment as every individual is different. Therefore, we begin with a physical examination to determine how your body responds to treatment, and if we need to change our approach. As you have probabely already understood, we treat the whole person, not just the physical body. This also put a demand on you as a client – we want you to be sure that you really want to become healthy and make a firm commitment to yourself that such is the case – because you will have to invest time and energy to succeed. Here you can read more about what our concept is comprised of. When you visit us, you will receive a treatment tailormade for your specific meeds!



Alfa enables a quick and easy way to diagnose the organism thanks to a neuro-dynamic analysis of the heart rate variability.  After many years of research, it has been concluded that all processes in the human organism are reflected in changes in heart’s rhythms.


The power at the cellular level

By learning to communicate with the body at a cellular level, you can restore the body in illness and various health problems. To achieve this you need to expand your conciousness and open your inner resources. We do this by using the power of thought. Our trained staff are happy to assist you personally with this process, but you can also learn how to do this yourself by attending our seminar ”The Power at the Cellular Level”.  Read more about this exciting event here: The power at the cellular level (in Swedish)

Millimeter Wave Therapy

Millimeter wave therapy is a modern and well-established method. By using the device Triomed, we can communicate with the cells with the cells’ own frequencies. This treatment activates the cell membranes which begin to eliminate waste products, while simultanoulsy strengthening the immune system and therefore the entire body. You have the choice to either receive treatment from us or buy or rent a device to treat yourself at home.           Read more about millimeter wave therapy.


To ensure a personalized treatment, we use ES TECK, an equipment, which very quickly (in only 3 minutes) provides a detailed medical examination. It is an ultra-modern and very advanced equipment which registers the functions of the internal organs and monitors changes during treatment. ES TECK has been developed in France by physicians, physicists, mathematicians and computer experts. The analysis provides, among other things, a complete status of the metabolism, pH level, possible inflammation, hormonal status, etc.

Read more about ES TECK (in Swedish)

Breathing Exercises

We always include breathing exercises in our treatments. With proper breathing, you increase the oxygenation of the blood and regulate the nervous system. How to apply healthy breathing practically: get our book ”The power of thought and proper breathing – a foundation for good health“ by Boris Aranovich.

“Become the master of your health”  Interactive CD.

The health programme “Become the master of your health” is based on specially adapted music sequencies and animated images of our body organs. The combination of music and animation enables “mind massage” of internal organs as well as communication with the subconscious mind – which is important in order to eliminate negative programming such as fear, anxiety or anger.