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About Människans Resurser AB

Människans Resurser AB has extensive experience in alternative medicine and wellness. Our company uses modern methods and approaches in health promotion activities, which are scientifically proven and highly effective. We work closely with health consultants and psychologists. Our main task is to show people different ways to improve and restore health. We develop and provide our methods to therapists, trainers and consultants. The health methologies created by Boris Aranovich as well as his books have been a great success in many countries and are warmly appreciated by readers and those who apply his methods.  Our health promotion activities cover areas such as The power of thought,  Effective breathing, Healthy Water and Quantum Medicine.

Människans Resurser AB is currently cooperating with the world’s leading researchers and companies in the alternative medical field, such as:

  • Axelsons Gymnastic Institute (Sweden)
  • XEDE International (France)
  • Bios Omnia (Italy)
  • MAX hospital New Delhi (India)


We also contribute with our knowledge to partners in USA, France, Italy, Denmark, India, China and South America.