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EIS har utvecklats i Frankrike av läkare, fysiker, matematiker och dataexperter. Idag är detta den enda teknologi som efter endast några minuter kan ge en total funktionsanalys av både organ och system i kroppen. Analysen ger bland annat en bild av ämnesomsättningen, ph-värdet, inflammationer, hormonstatus m.m. Med EIS kan man upptäcka tidiga störningar i kroppssystem [...]




Treatment with AIR ENERGY In all the health measures that we provide here at Human Resources, we always focus on breathing. Proper and effective breathing easier release of oxygen to the cells and thus creates more energy in the body - a prerequisite for good health. Many know about our concept of SCBA Smart Breathe [...]


Water Products


- AOK Spa Shower Filter (model AOK-902) NEW Read more >> - AOK Portable Alkaline ioniser (Alkamode) Read more >>

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The power of thought


Want Success in life-take control of your subconscious processes? Want Good Health - Take control of your subconscious processes? Want to take Away Stress, Fear, Anxiety and Worry - take control of your subconscious processes? Many problems arise due to our reactions and behaviors are controlled by negative "programs" in our subconscious. If you can [...]

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Anaerobics – Training for Life


Package includes DVDs and new book. In today's modern society, with stress, lack of time and much sedentary work, needed training that is quick and efficient. With anaerobic workouts can in 10 minutes significantly improve blood circulation throughout the body and create a huge amount of energy. The body creates energy in two ways: either [...]

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