Treatment with AIR ENERGY

In all the health measures that we provide here at Human Resources, we always focus on breathing. Proper and effective breathing easier release of oxygen to the cells and thus creates more energy in the body – a prerequisite for good health. Many know about our concept of SCBA Smart Breathe .


With Smart Breathe can continuously improve cellular oxygen uptake and blood circulation. For better health you have to breathe in Smart Breathe regularly and for longer. But sometimes you need quickly more energy to kick-start the healing process, especially for large strains, long journeys and much stress. This is precisely what the device Air Energi. Using water and a technique called photosensitizers produced active oxygen which gives the following healing effects:

Blood circulation is improved rapidly and thus oxygen supply to all cells
reduces pain very noticeably
normalize respiratory function
stabilizes blood handle
normalizes blood glucose
stimulates the excretory effectively reduces free radicals etc.

Active oxygen gives a strong cleansing effect and can be used as cleansing tools, especially when combining it with deionized water.


How does it work?

You inhale the activated oxygen for about. 30-40 minutes via a plastic tube attached to his nose. No discomfort is felt during treatment.

Breathing with Airnergi is well known around the world and has proven to have very positive effects on problems such as:

Fibromyalgia (very effective)
Neurological disorders
Pain-related problems (very effective)

Healthy people may:

Increased energy and performance
Less need for sleep
Less risk of infection
Faster healing of injuries

More about Air Energi you can read here: and statement here:

In September and October, we offer a 40-minute treatment with Air Energi for the introductory price of SEK 200. and a cleaning treatment that includes

Air Energi for 40 minutes
700ml. ionized water with a redox potential of -100 mv.
ginning of lymph with 2 Triomed

for only 300.